About Us

We know that sustainability is the height of modern sophistication

not your average planning agency.

Welcome to The Eco Chic Event! We are not your average planning agency. This is good, because we’re guessing you’re not the average party goer. In fact, we probably have a lot in common. We care about the environment, but refuse to compromise on style. We’re making water-smart choices – perhaps by drinking more wine?

Your dream event, made green. Inspired by the latest green practices in Europe, The Eco Chic Event is an eco-friendly planning agency that minimizes waste through recycling, repurposing, donating, and composting. We partner with local vendors who share our earth-friendly aspirations and set an example for the community. We offer expertise as desired, from full-scale planning to à la carte sourcing of sustainable materials. Leave a small footprint, make a big statement.

What do you mean green?

We mean that we stay environmentally conscious throughout the planning process by…

Minimizing waste through recycling, composting, and donating

Sourcing from local vendors, keeping trucks off the road and pollution out of the air.

Being conscious of our water footprint in our use of florals, facilities, and clean-up.

Saying “no” to disposable items and “hooray” for reusables and rentals.

There’s a lot to keep in mind – but that’s no reason to sacrifice the things you love. The Eco Chic Event is here to help you navigate this seemingly-daunting sea of green. We are experienced, creative, and flexible. We’ll work with you to keep true to your vision, and true to the earth.