Paper Products


September 23, 2015
ECE cards

The Eco Chic Event business cards are here!

Our new Forest Stewardship Council-certified cards are made entirely from post-consumer waste, are completely free of chlorine, and were produced using only wind power.Forest Stewardship Council logo, FSC, sustainable paper, recycled

The original plan was to go entirely paperless, using a digital business card app. Despite being a green idea, very few people use these apps. Paperless was not a practical option. Of course we wanted the most earth-friendly cards available (here’s where compromise comes in) that fit our budget and image.

After much research, we determined that the most sustainable paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste. This is paper that has already been used and recycled; it puts nothing new into the system. Plus, it looks just as sleek and clean as virgin paper. We found a company certified by the FSC, and whose printing process is completely wind-powered. Now this was a compromise we could feel good about.

You can keep these shades of green in mind when planning your next event. Maybe you aren’t interested in a full vegetarian menu (although we will talk more about the global benefits of this soon), but the meat you do offer can be grass-fed, hormone-free, and as low-impact as possible. Most importantly, make choices you can feel good about every day. Bike to work now and then, cook vegan one night a week. Maybe drinking exclusively shade-grown, fair trade coffee is not practical for you at the moment, but you can certainly pick up a reusable travel mug. It all adds up, so embrace a little eco-compromise.