Eco Chic Events


September 15, 2015
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Welcome to The Eco Chic Event blog – an honest and informative place where you can explore everything related to stylish, sustainable events. From the latest Parisian trends to simple tips for greening your daily life, Eco Chic covers whatever tickles your earth-friendly fancy.

As a San Diego-based company, we are focused on challenges vital for southern Californians such as water conservation, carbon footprints, local food, and getting to know your green community, but these topics are important worldwide. If you have questions or ideas, email them to us – we love your input!

That said, The Eco Chic Event is not a doom and gloom bunch – far from it! We like good food, music, flattering clothing, and all the things that add to a quality life. We wouldn’t encourage anyone to give that up; on the contrary, that’s why we’re here, creating ways to green the lifestyle you know and love.

Our blog will be updated frequently, so remember to check back regularly, or just sign up for The Eco Chic Event newsletter toward the bottom of our webpage. The next post will answer the burning question: why party sustainably? See you then!


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