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Why Party Sustainably?

September 18, 2015
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In southern California, we feel the result of unsustainable choices more acutely than many others (that unseasonable humidity we’ve been subjected to lately? Exactly in line with global warming predictions for this area). Still, maybe you’re wondering why it matters if we consider greener options when planning your holiday party or your child’s birthday.

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In the excitement of planning our celebrations, we tend to forget about the bigger picture, but after years behind the scenes at parties and events, I’ve learnt the hard truth that celebrations generate tons of waste. Literally. In fact, each year in the US 155 million tons of carbon dioxide are produced and 625,000 tons of garbage are sent to landfills – from weddings alone. Not to mention the astronomical water footprint. Now consider all the other parties and all the other people. It adds up quickly.

The good news is that with the right guidance, it is a simple thing to prevent most of this pollution in the first place, and most of the “waste” can be reused, donated, composted, or recycled. Over $100 billion are spent on special events in the US each year – think of the huge impact we can make by making greener choices!slow food, vegetables, vegan, vegetarian, farm-to-table

The great news is that being eco-conscious is totally hip now, and continues to grow in popularity through movements like local eating and eco-couture design. With fabulous examples being set by Gisele Bündchen and other forward-thinking celebrities, maybe the question should be, “Why not party sustainably?” Our answer is unequivocally: we have no idea. Happy planning!

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