Happy (Modern) Lunar New Year!

February 6, 2016
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Gung xi fa cai!

2016 is the year of the monkey. The monkey represents one of the brightest and most inquisitive animals of the Chinese zodiac. It’s considered a great year to innovate, so take a page out of the monkey’s book and make some bold choices in 2016! Here are a few tips from The Eco Chic Event to help you be monkey-bold and innovative when planning your Chinese New Year celebration.


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Calm yourself, China.


  1. There’s no denying it: our people enjoy lavish decorations. Gold and red are the traditional colors of Chinese new year, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, beauty, and joy. This intense palette doesn’t have to be tacky and overwhelming, though. The key is choosing accents where they will make a big impact. For example, take advantage of the recent reemergence of fabulous gold-colored flatware, or make a real statement with bright red plates. Keep the rest simple for a truly modern table.


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That’s better.


  1. Bring spring to your party with branches of blossoms. Cherry is a customary favorite, but you can use whatever grows nearby. For an updated look, instead of displaying them in a vase, suspend them over your table horizontally. This is fresh, beautiful, and visually interesting. Use large eye-catchers like these and more decorations aren’t even necessary!


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  1. Plan your menu around what’s in season, of course! Thinking of modernizing your menu? Start with traditional banquet staples and offer them in a surprising form. How about pea and ginger won tons, cold soba with black sesame vinegar, and line-caught ono seared and served with Asian microgreens and pomelo segments? Alongside the moon cakes, why not have some refreshing kumquat sorbet? Top it all with sparkling libations for a memorable feast!





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  1. Green your beloved traditions. Everyone who celebrates this holiday knows it revolves around family and food. Let that center hold and monkey-innovate with the details! Some ways we’re doing this in 2016: carpooling to dinner; wrapping lucky money in recycled envelopes; giving the kids fair trade chocolate gold coins; sending people home with food in non-plastic reusable containers; buying organic potted kumquat and mandarin trees. 

Are you celebrating the lunar new year? How are you keeping it green?

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