Rethinking Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2016
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Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is coming. It’s impossible to avoid the tacky tidal wave once it has swept through your favorite shops, but let’s imagine a February 14th free of hideous cardboard boxes of waxy chocolate-flavored candies (looking at you, Russel Stover), free of the overwhelming and sickly sweet decorations, and free of the obligations that mar an otherwise – admit it – perfectly charming concept.

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Make it stop

Picture a simple and elegant alternative of your own design. Picture less and better. Were you able to imagine something nice? If you don’t plan on opting out of Valentine’s Day entirely, it is possible to make the holiday beautiful and – you guessed it – more eco-friendly. Read on for sustainable alternatives for Valentine’s Day 2016 from The Eco Chic Event!

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If it’s going to be just you and your sweetie this year, talk about how you’ll be spending the day. Skip the balloons – they’re rotten for the earth. Instead, give in-season flowers. If you’re too cute for words, you can take a walk with your sweetheart and gather your own tiny, wild bouquet. Très adorable! My personal favorite, give the gift of an outing! A hike and picnic, a facial or massage, a trip to the symphony. Say no to diamonds (really. They are not any girl’s best friend. Stay tuned for next week’s post to learn why, and about greener – and more beautiful – options).

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If you’re going out to eat, stay local. However, Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants, so I highly recommend cooking at home. A simple salad and home-baked pizza feel special when you set the table, turn down the lights, and share a bottle of something while paying chef and sous.
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Got kids? Instead of perforated paper cards, this year try passing out baked treats from home. Your child can decide what he’d like to share with his classmates, then you can make it together from local, organic ingredients. His friends – and his teacher – will thank you.

Our last tip – or call it a request – go easy on the pink and red. Seriously, less is more.

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